Services e Transparency


  • Access to the archive for scholars and students to study both the figure and the work of the artist, including through scholarships
  • Issue of certificates of authenticity
    • The Association Dady Orsi an artist of the XX Century (henceforth the Association) takes care of the archiving of the artist’s works according to the following procedure.
    • The Association does not make economic valuations of Dady Orsi’s works.
    • The owner of a work that he considers attributable to Dady Orsi but that is not already archived must write by e-mail to complete with all personal and fiscal data, as well as any data and information available on the work subject of the request for inclusion in the archive and attaching any related document.
    • The Association will proceed with the analysis of all the data and documents received.
    • At the end of this analysis, the Association will contact the owner of the work for its submission to the direct examination of the Scientific Committee at the headquarters in Via Curtatone 16, Milan.
    • On the agreed date, the owner of the work, or other person delegated to do so, must deliver at the headquarters of the Association what follows:
    • The work to be examined without the frame and any element that prevents or makes it less easy to see it in its entirety.
    • The works examined by the Association will be collected by the owner or his delegate after the communication of the outcome of the examination, at the invitation of the Association and upon presentation of the receipt issued at the time of delivery.
    • If, despite the invitation, the work is not collected, the Association will take care of its custody without assuming responsibility and will charge the owner for the costs of its preservation.
  • Agreements with cultural bodies and institutions