The rose (1938) cm 30×20 – Tempera su tela

The rose (1938)

cm 30×20 – Tempera su tela

In the late thirties Dady Orsi is torn between his artistic vocation and his role in the army. In 1939 Orsi painted this canvas of small format, dark and deep, where stands the image of a rose. Here is foreshadowed all the artist who will come: his blues and his reds, his strong signs and love for delicate things. The rose is an object of contemplation for its author, who loves to keep an eye on it in his studio, almost as if it were a talisman guarding his work. The red rose is an element that appears cyclically both in still-lifes and as an ornament of female figures. Symbolically it expresses the passionate side of the artist. Unusually material, this work in tempera with its explosive and tormented aspect seems to presage the war, as well as the informal languages that will be born during the Forties. The reduction to two primary colours and the synthesis close to abstraction also characterize the artists of the Pont Aven School, beloved by the artists of Corrente. This language prefigures the formal and chromatic synthesis that Orsi will pursue throughout his career as a painter. The painting will not be exhibited to the public until the 1990s.